From Concept to Market

Techtron System’s goal is to help our customers with every facet of the manufacturing process. Some of the capabilities that enable us to be a one-stop-shop for electronics component manufacturing:

PCB Assembly

One-sided or two-sided, large run or small run, rigid or flex we have the expertise and technology to handle your job. 

PCB Assembly Services Include:

  • Surface-Mount Technology
  • Through-Hole Technology
  • Mixed Technology
  • Flex Circuit Assembly
  • Rigid Circuit Assembly
  • Selective Soldering

Box Build Assembly

Custom box build design starts with our team listening to your needs and developing around the specs you need for function. We will fully integrate, assemble, and accurately wire any product. Precision and efficiency are the benchmarks of our box build assembly process. We specialize in building enclosures, cable assemblies, and sub-assemblies. Our versatility and expertise make us the premium choice for box build assembly.

Cable and Harness Assembly

Our team of technicians uses the latest crimping, cutting, and handling technology to complete your assemblies to the specifications you require. Our testing and quality control processes ensure that your product will be of the highest quality.  We handle all of the major cable assembly capabilities like cut and stripped wire, complex wire harnesses, ribbon cables, multi-conductor assemblies, and any other custom assembly you need for your product. We offer turnkey solutions to help you protect your ROI and become more efficient.

Sub Assembly

Techtron Systems sees the bigger picture. When your unit is part of a larger product, our team works to ensure seamless integration at assembly. We will design, build, and test your component to make sure that it adheres to the product specs to operate smoothly within the finished product. Bring your ideas to us, and we’ll bring them to life in your product.

Supply Chain Management

The manufacturing process isn’t over until the units are delivered. That means a true turnkey solution has to include supply chain management. Techtron Systems offers some innovative ways to help you keep up with demand while keeping your prices low. We work with our procurement partners to find the best channel to service your clients’ changing demands while maintaining the integrity of your product standards. With an eye on your budget, our supply chain management process offers:

  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Accelerated Development
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Cost Containment
  • Policy Adherence
  • Materials Procurement
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Inventory Management, Fulfillment, and Distribution
  • Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing Solutions

Hand it over. The whole project. We’ll take it from here. From design to product testing through the delivery and inventory management you need to succeed, when you bring your custom component manufacturing idea to Techtron, you are bringing it to the first and last company you’ll need to get involved. Under one roof, we can take your project from concept to fruition. Spend time managing the other aspects of your business that need attention. Let us concentrate on making sure that this part of the process is taken care of.