System Design

All you have to do is imagine it. We’ll take it from there. Bring your concept to life with the engineers and design experts at Techtron Systems. Using the latest industry-leading design tools,  our Engineering team will work with you to create an inspired, creative solution.   

Test and Development

Testing and development are crucial to your product. Techtron Systems employs testing and inspection procedures that are designed to quickly diagnose issues and provide the feedback you need to adjust and move forward. We can efficiently eliminate defects and ensure that your product meets or exceeds all quality measures and standards. Our testing capabilities include:

  • Compliance: Ensures the product meets an agency’s safety and quality guidelines
  • Quality: Investigates the quality of the product and why the product is failing, defective or meeting standards
  • Environmental: Tests the product function in a specifically-simulated environment, such as humidity, heat, vibration, etc.
  • Functional: Examines overall operation and performance of a product’s normal function
  • In-circuit: Probes individual components within the circuit to test functionality
  • X-ray: Leverages non-destructive imaging techniques to gain a deeper look into a product’s assembly

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

At Techtron Systems, we believe it’s not only our job to provide you with solutions that work, but it’s also our job to deliver you solutions that put you in a profitable position. Our DFM process doesn’t just stop at function, it delves into cost evaluation and manufacturability. We focus our design and engineering through the lens of the manufacturing process, creating an efficient and cohesive design from the beginning of the project. Our team will work with you to optimize production and  to identify cost savings available in the manufacturing process.

Design for Testing (DFT)

Effective testing can be the cornerstone to a product’s success. Techtron Systems’ DFT service ensures that products are optimally designed from the beginning to be tested more efficiently and accurately, while saving production costs and often improving the overall quality of design of the product. With DFT, our team will make specific recommendations based on the evaluation needs of the test and performance of the product.

Firmware Development

We have tremendous capabilities in firmware, including:

  • Microcontroller OS – 8/16/32 bit 
    • ARM, ST Micro, NXP/Freescale, Microchip, and more 
  • RF/Wireless Modules 
    • Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, ZigBee 
  • Display and Other Interface Drivers 
  • Embedded Applications
  • IoT Device Data Transfer

Software Development

Techtron offers state-of-the-art software development in all the most recent languages and platforms, including:

  • IoT and Cloud Applications 
  • Management Portals 
  • User Dashboards 
  • Windows Applications and Utilities 
  • Cloud Integration with AWS or Azure 
  • Data Collection, Storage, and Analysis 
  • Over-The-Air Updates and Remote Operation
  • SQL, C, Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML5, Node.js, Ajax 

New Product Introductions (NPI)

There are plenty of pitfalls and potential setbacks along the way, even on a smooth project. That only becomes more complicated when you are relying on different providers to deliver along the way. This is where Techtron Systems truly shines, with a one-stop-shop approach to take you from concept to market. At Techtron Systems, our in-house design, testing, engineering, manufacturing, and delivery teams are in constant communication to limit surprises while managing the unknown, all with a nod to your timeline. Your deadline is our deadline, so we move with you to ensure that your company and your reputation for delivering on time and at the highest quality is intact. 

Supply Chain Management

The manufacturing process isn’t over until the units are delivered. That means a true turnkey solution has to include supply chain management. Techtron offers some innovative ways to help you keep up with demand while keeping your prices low. We work with our procurement partners to find the best channel to service your clients’ changing demands while maintaining the integrity of your product standards. With an eye on your budget, our supply chain management process offers:

  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Accelerated Development
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Cost Containment
  • Policy Adherence
  • Materials Procurement
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Inventory Management, Fulfillment, and Distribution
  • Turnkey Solutions